About Us

As a dynamic sales agency we would like to provide you also online with all information about our services.  A new Content-Management-System will enable us to keep you up to date anytime.

Currently some contents are still under construction. We will make any efforts to provide you with all information as soon as possible.

In short you should know the following: 

The Commercial Agency CDH for Biotechnology and Instrumental          Analysis - Dr Harald Klement - is your partner for an application-orientated,       cost-effective and expert advice concerning your laboratory equipment. 

Our particular strengths are the personal and scientific management in the field of Instrumental Analysis and Biotechnology.

If you have just found us in the internet and don’t know our company yet: If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone +49 9289 964671 and fax +49 09289 964673 or by mail: info@klement-biotech.eu